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International Geosynthetics Society Spanish Chapter

Under the auspices of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS)


Angel Leiro

General Secretary:
Pedro Abad

Pedro Abad (secretary treasurer)
+34 902 820 200

Tilesa Kenes Spain
Tel. +34 91 361 26 00
Fax: +34 91 355 92 08



Spanish IGS Chapter 

Conference Information
Eurogeo 5

The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS), established in Paris in November 1983 and based in the United States, is a worldwide non-profit association. The majority of the companies in the field of geosynthetics belong to this association, as well as individual entities associated with this activity: Public Administrations, Professors of University and Polytechnic Institutions, Consultants, Engineering firms, Laboratories, Manufacturers, Retailers, System Installers and Major Construction firms.

The primary objective of the IGS is dissemination and promotion. All actions undertaken by IGS are directed so that the Construction and Environment sectors receive a better understanding of geosynthetic materials, including waterproofing and its possible applications. It also reports on the status and state of current technology through periodicals: IGS NEWS and Geosynthetics International, congresses and symposia and technical and regulatory information.

In this sense, IGS organizes various types of events on a global, continental and national scale. It is responsible for organizing the Geosynthetics International Congress every four years. The first of these congresses was held in Paris in 1978, the second in Las Vegas in 1982, the third in Vienna in 1986, the fourth in Hague in 1990, the fifth in Singapore in 1994, the sixth in Atlanta in 1998, the seventh in Nice in 2002 and the eighth in Yokohama in 2006. The last one, the Ninth International Congress, was held in Guaruja (Brazil) in May 2010.

It is also responsible for organizing, through the respective national chapters, the European "EuroGeo" Congress, which is held every four years. The first of these congresses, EuroGeo1, was held in Maastricht in 1996, EuroGeo2 in Bologna in 2000, EuroGeo3 in Munich in 2004 and the last, in Edinburgh in September 2008.

At the time EuroGeo4 was being held in Edinburgh, the organization of the next European Congress, EuroGeo5, was awarded to Spain, specifically the city of Valencia.

For these reasons, the Spanish Chapter of the International Geosynthetic Society has organized and is pleased to invite you to attend EuroGeo5, which is to take place between the 16th and 19th of September, 2012 in the Valencia Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This Congress will provide a forum to discuss all aspects of the use of geosynthetics, drawing on experience gained in case histories as well as research and development into new products and uses.

Innovative lectures will be presented, as well as lectures on the technical research developed worldwide in this field of technology. Furthermore, the first day will be exclusively devoted to imparting a series of short courses dealing with the issues related to the knowledge of geosynthetics at a very basic level for those attendees who wish to enter the field.

The IV International Symposium on Water Reservoirs will be held concurrently with the EuroGeo5: Design, Construction and Waterproofing.

Finally, and in parallel with the scientific lectures, the educational lectures will also be held and shall be given by internationally acclaimed industry experts.

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