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Capítulo Español de la International Geosynthetics Society

Bajo los auspicios de la International Geosynthetics Society (IGS)


Angel Leiro

Secretario General:
Pedro Abad

Pedro Abad
(secretario y tesorero)
+34 902 820 200

Tilesa Kenes Spain
Tel. +34 91 361 26 00
Fax: +34 91 355 92 08



Capítulo Español de la IGS 

Programa Final

17 de Septiembre

10,30-11,00 CAFÉ

Refuerzo de suelos

Adam Bezuijen. Deltares (Holanda)
Mª Lurdes Lopes. Universidad de Oporto (Portugal)
Tolga Özer. Okan University (Turquía)


Long-term internal shear strength of a needle-punched clay geosynthetic barrier
H. Zanzinger
SKZ Süddeutches Kunststoff-Zentrum, Alemania

Residual tensile strength of geosynthetics submitted to confined-accelerated creep tests
F. A. N. Franca, B. S. Bueno, J. G. Zornberg1
University of Sao Paulo, Sao Carlos, Brasil
1University of Texas,USA

Shear strength mobilisation with absolute deformation and the relative deformation. Tests comparision on large and small shear boxes
A. M. Baicu, R. J. Chirica1, L. Talos1
Viotop Bucaresti, Rumanía
1Geostud Bucaresti, Rumania

State of strain analysis on reinforced sandy ground with use particle image velocimetry
G. G. Boldyrev, A. V. Melnikov
Penza State University of Architectura and Construction, Rusia

Evaluation of stress-strain relation of geocells by radial load tests
A. Emersleben, N. Meyer
Clausthal University of Technology, Alemania

Determination of required tensile strength of geosynthetic reinforcements by strain behavior analysis
K. Y. Lee, C. W. Hsieh1, H. Y. Jeon2
Dongseo University, Busan, Corea
1Pingtung University of Science & Technology,Taiwan
2Inha University, Incheon, Corea

Numerical modelling of centrifuge tests on reinforced slopes
E. Kapogianni, J. Laue1, M. Sakellariou
National Technical University of Athens, Grecia
1Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Suiza

Strength reduction and stiffness modulus change of geosynthetics used in reinforced soil walls constructed with recycled construction and demolition waste (RCDW) as backfill materials
F. C. G. Santos, B. S. Bueno1, E. M. Palmeira2
Polytechnic School of the University of Pernambuco, Recife,Brasil
1Engineering School of São Carlos of the University of San Paulo, Brasil
2University of Brasilia, Brasil

Sustanaible remediation of a failing embankments slope using electrokinetic geosynthetics
J. Lamont-Black, C. J. F. P. Jones, S. Glendinning1, C. P. White, D. Alder
Electrokinetic Ltd. Drummond Building, Newcastle University, Reino Unido
1School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Newcastle University, Reino Unido

Basal reinforcement over soft soil using high strength bonded geogrid at agriport Maydon Wharf
E. Zannoni, M. Richter1, T. Freeman
Maccaferri Southern, Sudáfrica
1Moore Spencer Jones, Sudáfrica

A new method for stability calculations based on the stress strain curves
A. M. Baicu, A. Chirica1
Viotop Bucaresti, Rumania
1Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucaresti, Rumania

Shear test on interface behaviour between geogrid and soil
J. Zhang, W. Zu, Y. F. Zhuang, X. Wang1, J. Wen
Wuhan Univeersity, China
1Wuhan University of Technology, China

Study on mechanics of hydrostatic excess pore water pressure througth consolidation by vertical drains using isochrones
M. V. Shah, A. V. Shroff
The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Boroda, India

13,15-14,30 ALMUERZO

Refuerzo de suelos

Han-Yong Jeon. Inha University, Seul (Corea del Sur)
Andrei Baicu. Viotop Bucaresti (Rumanía)


Experimental investigations on shear strength of soil-geogrid interfaces
F. B. Ferreira, C. S. Vieira, M. L. Lopes
Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal

Numerical modelling of bearing capacity of strip foundation on geogrid reinforced soil
A. Mahboubi, M. H. Keyghobadi
Power and Water University, Tehran, Irán

Load distribution in a piled embankment, results of 3D model experiments, a field test and numerical analysis
S. J. M. van Eekelen, A. Bezuijen1
Deltares, Holanda
1Delft University of Technology, Holanda

Influence of fill material and type of geosynthetic reinforcement in a piled embankment-model experiments
S. J. M. van Eekelen, A. Nancey1, A. Bezuijen2
Deltares, Holanda
1TenCate, Francia
2Delft University of Technology, Holanda

Construction of a large embankment using tunnel excavation residual material in Sigirino (Lugano-Switzerland)
M. Bau, C. Ferracuti1, M. Scotto1, S. Stefanini1
Ennio Ferrari S.A.,Suiza
1Officine Maccaferri Spa, Italia

Influence of microfibres on the performance a trial embankment under natural wheatering
I. M. C. F. G. Falorca, M. I. M. Pinto1, L. M. F. Gomes2
University of Beira Interior, Covilha, Portugal
1CEMUC, University of Coimbra, Portugal
2CVRM/IST/UTL, Lisboa, Portugal

Does a piled embankment "feel" the passage of a heavy truck? High frequency field measurements
S. J. M. van Eekelen, A. Bezuijen1
Deltares, Holanda
1Delft University of Technology, Holanda

Comparison of design methods for geosynthetics spanning over columns
A. Herold, R. Körlin1, L. Vollmert2
IBH-Herold & Partner Ingenieure, Weimar, Alemania
1IBH-Herold & Partner Ingenieure, Dresden, Alemania
2BBG Bauberatung Geokunststoffe GmbH Co. KG, Alemania

Visualization of soil behavior in an embankment on flexible piles by X-Ray CT method
T. Eskisar, J. Otani1, J. Hironaka2
Ege University, Turquía
1Kumamoto University, Japón
2Mitsui Chemicals Industries Products LTD, Saitama, Japón

16,00-16,30 CAFÉ

Road embankment improving with column injections of polyurethane resin
J. R. Sánchez, I. Arrieta1, A. Pasquetto2
E.T.S. Ingenieros Civiles. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
1Uretek Soluciones Innovadoras, España
2Uretek Srl., Italia

Piled embankment in The Netherlands
A. E. C. van der Stoel, J. K. Haasnoot1
CRUX Engineering BV, Holanda
1University of Twente, Enschede, Holanda

Geosynthetic solution for embankment on soft soil
S. D. Vyas, S. D. Agrawal
TechFab (Índia) Industries Ltd. India

Requirements and in-soil calibration for a new generation of sensitive geogrids using fiber optical components
L. Vollmert, R. Glötzel1, H. Ehrenberg2, N. Nöther3, U. Weiseman4, S. Grossmann4, R. Ochmichen4
BBG Bauberatung Geokunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG, Alemania
1Rainer Glötzel Research, Alemania
2NAUE GmbH & Co. KG, Alemania,
3fibrisTerre GmbH, Alemania
4HTW University of Applied Sciences, Dresden, Alemania

Serviceability limit state design in geogrid reinforced walls and slopes
I. Scotland, D. Dixon, M. Forst, G. Horgan1
Loughborough University, Reino Unido
1Huesker Ltd. Reino Unido

Seismic damage of a geogrid-reinforced wall monitoriced since 1995 in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake
T. Fujita, M. Yabu, A. Nekane1, H. Kohashi, Y. Miyata2
Public Works Research Institute, Tsukuba, Japón
1Public Works Research Center, Tsukuba, Japón
2National Defense Academy, Tokyo, Japón

The behavior of geogrid reinforced segmental block walls under earthquake loads
E. Guler, D. Alexiew1, E. Basbug
Bogazici University, Turquía
1Huesker Synthetic GmbH, Alemania

The use of ligth weigth fill material and geogrids for the construction of a reinforced soil retaining structure over soft alluvion foundation soil in Wales, UK
M. Dalwadi
TENSAR, Reino Unido

Monitoring of geogrid reinforced slopes strain measurement device and calibration
C. Staubermann, J. Müller-Rochholtz, T. Boonk
Kiwa TBU GmbH, Alemania

Nature of friction between geogrids and soil
M. Mulabdic, K. Minazek
Civil Engineering Faculty of J.J. Strossmayer, University of Osijek, Croacia


18 de Septiembre

09,45-10,15 CAFÉ

Refuerzo de suelos

Martin Ziegler. Aachen University (Alemania)
Jan Vaslestad. Norwegian Public Roads Administration Oslo (Noruega)


Change in porosity of fibre-reinforced sandy soil
H. Rubisarova
ARCADIS Geotechnika a. s. Ostrava, República Checa

Pullout test study of geogrid and excavated bebris
F. Y. Tan, X. Z. Wang1, B. Hu1, L. Zhao
Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute, China
1Institute of Rocks and Soil Mechanics. Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Analysis of geogrid-soil interaction using a transparent granular soil
F. Ezzein, R. J. Bathurst
Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Canadá

The use of wire mesh steel geogrids in South Africa
I. W. Moore, M. V. Richter, A. Gillie1
Moore Spence Jones (Pty), Sudáfrica
1Maccaferri, Sudáfrica

Modelling of steep geotextile reinforced slopes in a geotechnical centrifuge
P. Aklik, W. Wu
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Where others fail
F. González1
1Gaviones y Muros de Contención, S.A., España

Long-term performance of instrumented geosynthetic reinforced steep slopes in Norway
J. Vaslestad, M. Sayd, T. Damtew, T. H. Johansen
Norwegian Publlic Roads Administration, Oslo, Noruega

Study on reinforced fly ash steep slopes
S. Adhana, B. Ram Rathan Lal, J. N. Mandal
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India

Systematic approaches for steep slopes and reinforced walls in traffic route engineering using geosynthetic reinforcement
S. Schwerdt, C. Psiorz1
vgs Ingenieure Dr. Koehler & Kirschein GmbH, Alemania
1BBG Bauberatung Geokunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG, Alemania

Factors affecting the design and performance of slender reinforced walls
R. Berardi, G. P. Pinzani1
University of Genova, Italia
1Harp Group, Italia

Measuring deformations of a raft foundation on a 10 m tall reinforced retaining wall
P. G. van Duijnen, T. Linthof1, C. A. J. M. Brok2
Mobilis TBI Infra, Holanda
1Royal Haskoning, Holanda
2Huesker, Holanda

The design and construction of a 40 M high tiered reinforced soil wall in mountainous terrain in Salalah, Sultanate of Oman
C. Doulala-Rigby, I. Nettleton1, S. H. Sug2
Tensar International Limited, Reino Unido
1Coffey Geotechnics Limited, Reino Unido
2Sambu Construction Co. ltd., Corea

Performance of geotextile reinforced soil wall insaturated poorly draining soil backfill conditions
F. Portelinha, B. S. Bueno, J. G. Zornberg1
University of Sao Paulo, Sao Carlos, Brasil
1University of Texas, USA

Comparative life cycle assessment of geosynthetics versus conventional construction materials, a study on behalf of the E.A.D.M. Case 4. Soil retaining wall
I. Fraser. A. Elsing1
Tensar International, Reino Unido
1Huesker Synthetic GmbH, Alemania

Influence of foundation compressibility on reinforcement loads in geosynthetic reinforced soil walls
R. J. Bathurst, L. P. Damians1, F. Ezzein, A. Josa1, A. Lloret1
Roal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Canadá
1School of Civil Engineering. Technical University of Catalonia, España

Stabilitation of clayey soils uding propylene and polymer fibers
A. Senol, E. Etminam, G. Cevikbilen, H. Yildirim
Istanbul Technical University, Maslak, Turquía

13,15-14,30 ALMUERZO

Refuerzo de suelos

Neil Dixon. Loughborough University (Reino Unido)
Erol Guler. Bogazici University (Turquía)


Large scale biaxial compression testing of geogrid reinforced soil
A, Ruiken1, F. Jacobs2, M. Ziegler2
1Wayss & Freytag Spezialtiefbau GmbH, Alemania
formerly Geotechnical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, Alemania
2Geotechnical Engineering RWTH, Aachen University, Alemania

The influence of reinforcement geometry and soil types on the interface behaviour in pullout condition
L. S. Calvarano, G. Cardile, N. Moraci, P. Recalcati1
Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, Italia
1Tenax GTO, Italia

Effects of cyclic loading on the shear strength of sand-geosynthetics interfaces
C. S. Vieira, M. Lopes
University of Porto, Portugal

Interplay between geotextiles and soil properties and its importance in selecting operation
R. I. Chirica, L. Talos
S. C. Geostud S.R.I. Rumanía

Uniformity of density of triaxial clay soil samples prepared by static compression
S. Saad, M. Mirzababaci1, M. Mohamed, M. Miraftab1
University of Bradford, Reino Unido
1University of Bolton, Reino Unido

Soil-geotextile composites mechanical behaviour and interface resistance
I. N. Markou, D. G. Novidis, S. J. Pantazopoulo
Democritus University of Thrace, Xanthi, Grecia

Research of the clay soil reinforced bases work
V. I. Kleveko
State National Research Politechnical University of Perm, Rusia

Development of EKG and its application in expansive soil remediation
Y. F. Zhuang, X. Wang, F. Liu, Y. Huang, W. Zou, X. Wang1
Wuhan University, China
1Wuhan University of Technology, China

The effect of different reinforcement type to settlement of a strip footing model
E. Cicek, E. Guler1, T. Yetimoglu
Ataturk University, Turquía
1Bogazici University, Turquía

Improvement of the subsoil- Hotel Park, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
L. J. Dimitrievski, D. Ilievski1, D. Dimitrievski1, B. Bogoevski1, A. Straseski1
Faculty of Civil Engineering Skopje, Macedonia
1GEING Krebs und Kiefer International and others Ind. Skoplje, Macedonia

16,00 - 16,30 CAFÉ

Monitoring of long-term performance of early EPS geofoam fills in Norway
L. M. B. Andersen, J. A. Tiernsbekk1, T. A. Stang2, K. M. Lindqvist3, G. Refsdal, J. Vaslestad
Norwegian Public Roads Adm. Oslo, Noruega
1Veidekke Industry, Noruega
2PAS Engineers A!S, Noruega
3COWI Norway, Noruega

Numerical and experimental evaluation of soilbag system under vertical loading
A. Haddad, M. Bahrehdar
Semnan University, Irán

Composite soil reinforcement system for retention of very high and steep soil fills in challenging conditions- A case study on Sikkim airport works
S. Kumar, A. Gharpure
Airport Authority of India, Pakyong, India
Maccaferri Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Pune, India

Application and monitoring of a complex soil reinforced structure next to fault zone
S. Wu, S. Chang, K. Wu, J. Chang, Y. Chang
ACE Geosynthetics, Taiwan

Technique of reinforced soil base calculation under initiation in ground mass
A. Ponomaryov, D. Zolotozubov
Perm National Research Politechnical University, Rusia

Avalanche under control- 27 m high geosynthetics reinforced barrier protects KAPPL
J. Henzinger, M. Posch1, J. Gruber2
Geotechnik Henzinger ZT, Austria
1Die Wildbach und Lawinenverbauung Imst, Austria
2TenCate Geosyntheticcs, Austria

A comparision of the creep testing of HDPE geogrid by stepped isothermal methods and conventional methods
H. J. Koo, N. E. Wrigley1, H. W. Cho, H. Zheng2
FITI Testing & Research Institute, Corea
1NewGrids Ltd., Reino Unido
2BOSTD Geosynthetics, Corea

Case studies: Geogrid reinforced block walls in waterfront projects under special boundary conditions
O. Detert, S. Schmidt
Huesker Synthetic GmbH, Alemania

Development of a model for damage accumulation in woven geotextile
C. A. Carvalho, D. C. Urashima1
Federal Center of Technological Education of Minas Gerais, Campus VIII Varginha, Brasil
1Federal Center of Technological Education of Minas Gerais, Campus II, Belo Horizonte, Brasil


19 de Septiembre


Refuerzo de suelos

Takashi Hara. Gifu University (Japón)
Kapila Bogoda. Environment Protection Authority (Australia)


Effects of damage during installation in geocomposites' mechanical and hydraulic behavior: laboratory study
A. Rosete, M. Pinho-Lopes, M. L. Lopes1
University of Aveiro, Portugal
1University of Porto, Portugal

Study of damage of a high reinforced fill structure
V. Herle, D. Leschinski1
ARCADIS Geotechnika, República Checa
1University of Delaware, Newark, USA

Effect of damage during installation on mechanical behavior of a biaxial woven polyester
M. Paula, M. Pinho-Lopes1, M. L. Lopes2
Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal
1University of Aveiro, Portugal
2University of Porto, Portugal

Microscopical study of high tenacity, geosynthetic, polyester fibres PET for morphological damage resulting from installation procedures
A. K. Crumbie, G. Auray1, B. Dupuis1, P. Garcin
Egis, Francia
1Texinov, Francia

Experimental investigation of failure mechanism of expanded polystyrene block geofoam slope system under seepage
O. Akay, A. T. Özer, G. A. Fox1
Okan University, Turquía
1Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, USA

Effect of geosynthetic reinforcements on mitigation of environmentally induced cracks in pavements
J. G. Zornberg, G. H. Roodi, J. Ferreira
The University of Texas, USA

Pullout response of geotextile reinforcement at different matric suctions
K. Hatami, D. Esmaili, J. E. Granados, G. A. Miller
University of Oklahoma, Norman, USA

10,30-11,00 CAFÉ

Refuerzo de suelos


Designing with marginal fills: Current understanding and practice
J. Raja, N. Dixon, M. Frost, I. Fraser1, G. Fowmes2
Loughborough University, Reino Unido
1Tensar International Ltd., Reino Unido
2Waste recycling Group Ltd., Reino Unido

Mechanical behaviour of non-woven geotextiles after laboratorial simulation of the installation process
J. R. Carneiro, L. M. Morais, M. L. Lopes
University of Porto, Portugal

Modified design methods for flexible airfield pavement using geosynthetic reinforcements
N. N. Chaudhury, S. Dutta, J. N. Mandal
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India

Investigations on the gas permeability of geosynthetics in land reclamation at ports using harbour silt as building material for backfilling
D. Lesemann, H. Ehrenberg1, K. Werth2, K. Petereit
Knabe Enders Dührkop Ingenieure GMBH, Alemania
1NAUE GmbH & Co. KG, Alemania
2BBG Bauberatung Geokunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG, Alemania

Geosynthetics use in renewable energy development
S. Gale, M. Kurtz, D. Janse, F. Chuck
TenCate Geosynthetics, USA

Reinforcement of a submerged breakwater in Alexandria, Egypt
P. Naughton, C. Ferracuti1, M. Scotto1, M. Mignani1
Institute of Technology Sligo, Irlanda
1Officine Maccaferri Spa, Italia


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