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Capítulo Español de la International Geosynthetics Society

Bajo los auspicios de la International Geosynthetics Society (IGS)


Angel Leiro

Secretario General:
Pedro Abad

Pedro Abad
(secretario y tesorero)
+34 902 820 200

Tilesa Kenes Spain
Tel. +34 91 361 26 00
Fax: +34 91 355 92 08



Capítulo Español de la IGS 

Programa Final

17 de Septiembre

10,30-11,00 CAFÉ


Rafael Astudillo. CEDEX, Madrid (España)
Ernest Olinic. Universidad Técnica de Ingeniería Civil, Bucarest (Rumania)


Review of engineering properties and performance of "Bithess" geosynthetic as used in World War II Military Campaigns and critical assessment if its potential use in developing countries
W. H. Craig, X. Wang, E. M. Gallagher1
University of Manchester, Reino Unido
1Coffey Geotechnics Ltd., Reino Unido

The use of innovative technology through the use of geosynthetics to improve the Pietermaritzburg Airport runway
E. Zannoni, K. Singh1, D. Govender
Maccaferri Southern Africa, Sudáfrica
1Msunduzi Municipality, Sudáfrica

Influence of geosynthetic reinforcement on maximum settlements cracked and uncracked pavements
K. Kazimierowicz-Frankowska
Institute of Hydroengineering of Polish Academy of Sciences, Polonia

Asphalt reinforcement geocomposite. Durability, bonding and experience.
J. Santalla, M. Rodríguez, P. Amo
Huesker Geosintéticos, España

Reinforced retaining structures on road II/520 Stara Bystrica-Oravska Lesna in Slovak Republic
R. Baslik, L. Baca1
Tectum-Geosynthetic, Eslovaquia
1Geoconsult, Eslovaquia

An innovative system for the evaluation of mechanical and thermal fields into asphalt concrete layers
M. Bacchi, F. Fiori
Politecnico di Milano, Italia

Response of geosynthetic embedded in aspahlt pavements to monotonic and cyclic loading to failure
S. Vismara, A. A. A. Molenaar1, F. Fiori, M. Poot1
Politecnico di Milano, Italia
1Delft University of Technology, Holanda

Paved runways as basis for hazard analyses shown on the project airport Berlin Brandenburg International
W. F. Ewert, R. Werner
NAUE GmbH & Co. KG, Alemania

Geocomposite of national production as anti-reflexive cracking agent. Comparision with other geosynthetics of different polymeric composition
H. L. Delbono, L. A. Ricci, E. A. Fensel, H. G. Botasso
LEMaC, Centro de Investigaciones Viales y Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Facultad Regional La Plata, Argentina

Excavating of geosynthetic clay liners under railways
J. Olschewski, F. Saathoff, T. Weber1
Universität Rostock, Alemania
1DB Netz AG, Alemania

High strength geotextile used to reinforced embankments spanning voids above the high speed railway line near Sarrebourg (F)
A. Nancey, L. Exbrayat
TenCate Geosynthetics, Francia

Behavior of the mechanical stabilized walls and its elements in the conditions of the improving of the existing track infrastructure
A. Zaytsev, V. Vinogradov, A. Kostousov, Y. Frolovsky
Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, Rusia

13,15-14,30 ALMUERZO


Steve Corbet. AECOM (Reino Unido)
Javier Santalla. Huesker (España)


Research and practice of GRS Integral bridge
F. Tatsuoka, M. Tateyama1
Tokyo University of Science (TUS), Japón
1Railway Technical Research Institute, Japón

The project stabilization of the bridge piers
E. Fedorenko
MIAKOM Ltd. Rusia

Autoclave test-Alternative test method for assessment of oxidative longterm durability of geosynthetic barriers based on polyolefins for applications in road tunnels
D. Robertson, M. Böhning, H. F. Schöder, K. Brummermann1, I. Kaundinya2, F. Saathoff3
BAM Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing, Alemania
1BKB, Alemania
2BASt Federal Highway Research Institute, Alemania
3Universität Rostock, Alemania

Design and construction of high bermless geogrid walls in a problematic mountainous seismic region in Bulgaria
D. Alexiew, H. Hangen
HUESKER Synthetic, Alemania

Wind farm access road- Two decades of floating roads
C. Hall, M. Horton, J. Belton1
Tensar International Limited, Reino Unido
1Coffey Geotechnics, Reino Unido

Experimental and numerical investigation of behavior of strip footing on single reinforced sand slopes
E. B. Altalhe, M. R. Taha
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malasia

Settlement of a polymer reinforced soil wall
H. Özçelik
EAST Construction and Int. Trad. Co. Inc., Turquia

Design method for geogrid reinforcement of road bases
P. Rimoldi, M. Scotto
Officine Maccaferri SpA., Italia

A2 Highway embankment in Poland founded on geotextile encased columns (GEC)- Case historic Report with Monitoring Data
M. Raihtel, V. Küster1, J. Sobolewski2, G. Friedl3
Kempfert + Partner Geotechnik GmbH, Alemania
1Josef Möbius Bau-Aktiengesellschaft, Alemania
2Huesker Synthetic GmbH, Alemania
3Lhotzky + Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft, Alemania

16,00-16,30 CAFÉ

Comparative life cycle assessment of geosynthetics versus conventional construction materials, a study on behalf of E.A.G.M., Case2, Foundation stabilization
A. Elsing, I. Fraser1
HUESKER Synthetic GmbH, Alemania
1Tensar International, Reino Unido

Comparison of accelerated laboratory aging and treated soils aging on the properties of PET geotextiles
L. van Schoors, I. Nour, S. Moscardelli, N. Barberis, D. Lozach1, M. Khay1
IFSTTAR, Francia
1CETE Normandie Centre, Francia

Variation in test results between laboratories from different parts of the world
R. Diederich, A. L. Backes, Ch. Recker1, H. L. Moe1
DuPont de Nemours, Luxemburgo
1SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, Noruega

Reinforced flexible pavement layer coefficients determinated by mechanistic-empirical modelling
S. Perkins, B. Chistopher1, J. Klompmaker2
Montana State University, USA
1Christopher Consultants, USA
2NAUE GmbH &Co. KG, Alemania

Development of a new type reinforced soil wall
T. Hara, S. Tsuji1, M. Yoshida1, S. Ito1, K. Sawada
Gifu University, Japón

The add-on value of the poliolefin coating attached on multi-component geosymthetic clay liners
K. P. von Maubeuge, C. Boley1, A. Stimm
NAUE GbmH & Co. KG, Alemania
1Universitaet der Bundeswehr, Alemania

The confinement effect of different geogrids- 4: The development of an index test
N. E. Wrigley, H. Zheng1
NewGrids Ltd. Reino Unido
1BOSTD, China

Comparative analysis of numerical and physical modeling of a reinforced piled embankment
K. Jennings, P. J. Naughton
Institute of Technology Sligo, Irlanda

Testing of in situ aged geosynthetic barriers of existing road tunnel sealing systems
I. Kaundinya
Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), Alemania


18 de Septiembre

09,45-10,15 CAFÉ


Russell Jones. Golder Associates (Reino Unido)
José Luís Cuenca. Tencate (España)


Basalt fibres for geogrids and nonwoven geotextiles
Z. Bronstein, J. Müller-Rochholz, H. Kroth1
Kiwa TBU GmhB, Alemania
1Tensar International GmhB, Alemania

Stabilization of road landslide at "BEC" location in Gjakova
V. Shatri, Q. Kadiri, L. Bozo1, B. Shatri, B. Shefkiu
University of Pristina, Kosovo
1Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania

MPM formulation with accurate integration for a 3D membrane and an application of releasing geocontainer from barge
F. Hamad, B. Westrich, P. Vermeer1
Institute of Geotechnics, Stuttgart, Alemania
1Deltares, Holanda

Laboratory investigation on Construction Method of geogrid encased stone column
D. Y. Lee, C. Yoo1
Korea Institute of Construction Technology, Corea
1Sungkyunkwan University, Corea

Development of a Geocomposite to improve the Bed Support Conditions of Track Gravel for Railway Tracks
U. Weisemann, S. Grossmann, H. Ehrenberg1, W.F. Ewert1
University of Applied Sciences Dresden, Alemania
1Naue GmbH & Co. KH. Espelkamp, Alemania

13,30-14,30 ALMUERZO

Premio de estudiantes

Nathalie Touze-Foltz. IRSTEA (Francia)
Pablo García. Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente (España)


Demand and organisation of quality assurance education for landfill liner systems
A. Ravaska
Tampere University of Technology, Finlandia

Behavior of antioxidants in the HDPE geomembranes used in municipal solid waste landfills
C. Pons, F. Farcas, H. Mkademi, E. Richaud1, B. Fayolle1
IFSTTAR, Francia
1Arts et Métiers Paris Tech, Francia

Geosynthetics for reinforcement. Comparison of an analytic and an experimental approach to describe earth pressure on the facing of a geosynthetic reinforced noise protection wall
S. Meshkinghalam
University of Applied Science, Münster, Alemania

Geosynthetic interface friction using Force Procedure at the Tilting Plane
L. Carbone1,2, L. Briançon3, J.P. Gourc1, N. Moraci2, P.Carrubba4
1LTHE, Grenoble, Francia
2MECMAT, Reggio Calabria, Italia
3Cnam, París, Francia
4IMAGE, Padova, Italia

The influence of subsoil reaction on the geosynthetic reinforcement in piled embankments
H. J. Lodder1,3, S. J. M. van Eekelen2,3, A. Bezuijen2,4
1RPS Groep Plc, Holanda
2Deltares, Holanda
3Delft University of Technology, Holanda
4Ghent University, Bélgica

Parametric study of the design of a solution of fine soil reinforcement with geosynthetics
D. Carlos1,2, M. Pinho-Lopes1, M. L. Lopes2
1University of Aveiro, Portugal
2Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal

Strength evaluation of fiber reinforced sand by triaxial testing
V. G. Ofrikhter, A. S. Kuznetsova
Perm National Research Polytechnical University, Rusia

Evaluation of allowable leakage rates measured from liquid impoundments liner systems and landfill disposal sites in South Africa
I. Nyirenda, P. Addis1
Golder Associates Africa, Sudáfrica
1Golder Associates Ltd., Canadá

Research, innovation and development of geosynthetics applied to reservoirs: a collection of contributions
M. A. Crespo, M. Pérez1, M. Redón1, F. J. Sánchez1, B. Soriano1
Laboratorio Central de Estructuras y Materiales (CEDEX), España
1Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, España

Factors affecting internal erosion of geosynthetic clay liners tested over perforated base pedestals
H. Ozhan, E. Guler1
Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, Turquía
1Bogazici University Istanbul, Turquía

Hydraulic performance of a landfill cap case study
K. Zamara1,2, N. Dixon1, G. Fowmes3, R. D. R. V. Jones2, B. Zhang2, G. Donald4
1Loughborough University, Reino Unido
2Golder Associates (UK) Ltd, Reino Unido
3Waste Recycling Group, Reino Unido
4GEOFabrics Ltd., Reino Unido

16,00-16,30 CAFÉ

Kent von Maubeuge. NAUE (Alemania)
Andrés Marín. CETCO Iberia (España)


Concept of U-polder and sheetpile -polder: innovative civil geomembrane systems in urban areas
Rr. H. Gerritsen
Witteveen+Bos Engineering Consultants, Holanda

Engineered waterproofing project (EWP). Value innovation in watertighness in underground structures
A. Rey
Sika S.A.U., España

Experimental and theoretical researches on interaction between the membrane foundation and ground bed
Y. Pronozin, A. Gerber, O. Poroshin, I. Epifantseva
Tyumen State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Rusia

Comparative life cycle assessment of geosynthetics versus conventional construction materials. A study on behalf of the EAGM. General
H. Ehrenberg, J. P. Mermet1
NAUE GbhM & Co. KG, Alemania
1TenCate Geosynthetics France SAS, Francia

Application of membrane foundation on soft soil
Y. Pronozin, I. Epifantseva, O. Poroshin
Tyumen State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Rusia

Sustainable concrete panel walls-current development on interaction of earthworks, reinforcement and facing
L. Vollmert, C. Niehues, D. Pachamow1, A. Herold2, W. Verstraaten3
BBG Bauberatung Geokunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG, Espelkamp, Alemania
1Technische Universität Cottbus, Berlín, Alemania
2IBH: Herold & Partner Ingenieure, Weimar, Alemania
3KWS Infra bv, De Meern, Holanda

Geomembrane effectiveness for protection on geofoam from degradation due to volatileorganic compounds
J. Norberg, G. Kolbasuk
Raven Industries, USA


19 de Septiembre

09,30 – 12,00

Comité técnico de barreras de IGS

Kent von Maubeuge. Naue (Germany)
Boyd Ramsey. GSE (USA)
Nathalie Touze-Foltz. Irstea (France)


Introduction of the Work and the Status of the IGS TC Barrier Group
Touze-Foltz N., von Maubeuge, K1.
Irstea, Francia
1Naue, Alemania

Current Status of the Work in the Sub Group Regulations
von Maubeuge, K.
Naue, Alemania

State of practice for geosynthetics in Spanish landfills
García de Cortázar Ruiz de Aguirre, A.
Terranova, Bilbao, España

Geosynthetic Barriers in the 21st Century- Room for improvement?
Sangster, T.
Downley Consultants, Ginebra, Suiza

Use of geosynthetics for technical safeguards in transport infrastructure for soil and groundwater protection
D. Heyer, E. Brile
Technical University Bavaria, Alemania

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